Four masters of the arts come together to invite you into the heart of New York City. In this truly unique short film, the worlds of music and art, classical training and street styles collide, forming a brilliant explosion of sight and sound.  
Featuring the atmospheric urban art of JUSTIN BUA and a soundtrack by legendary turntablist DJ QBERT and world renown cellist DANA LEONG. Director JULIE GRATZ weaves a rhythmic surreality where the audience can escape into moments in the streets that are filled with artistic expression from the hip hop culture of a vibrant metropolis. Animated and produced by KALEIDA VISION.
We're honored to be be premiered and featured with a wonderful article by the amazing people over at Tribeca Film. We're also very grateful to Flavorpill for interviewing Director Julie Gratz about the process of making this short film. 
Enjoy the journey!
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