Excerpt and stills from upcoming documentary "Nellie Bly Makes The News" 
Directed by Penny Lane
Director of Animation Julie Gratz
Presented by The Center for Investigative Reporting
Animation and Graphics by Kaleida Studio 
Animation Produced by Cartuna

The film will be premiered at Sarasota Film Festival April 2018

'NELLIE BLY MAKES THE NEWS' presents the story of Nellie Bly, a muckracking investigative journalist who changed the game for women in reporting before women even had the right to vote. Taking the style she established in 'NUTS!' a step further, director Penny Lane creates an entirely animated documentary. Drawing from extensive primary sources including Bly's own writing, and presenting both real-world interviewees and reenactments in several styles of animation and illustration, this short film investigates the porous line between reporting facts and telling stories, while creating a dynamic portrait of a woman who refused to accept the status quo.
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