Boston University College of Fine Arts Senior Degree Thesis

Decoded is an exploration of movement and music. My primary goal was to create and choreograph a visually rich environment and aesthetic. I chose Mason Williams’ “Classical Gas,” because of the variety of musical themes, moods, and notes. As a choreographer this piece was great to work with and accent with the movements I created on screen. “Mr. Barcode” and his journey were formed because of the musicality of the piece and what I knew I wanted to have learned in the end. The story is about a discarded barcode and flower pot that come to life and travel through several worlds to finally find a place to be content and have a purpose. 
I challenged myself with this project so that the product would be an animation I would truly be proud of. Another goal of mine was to become a better animator, and teach myself the incredible world of 3D. This process was endlessly challenging, and my problem-solving skills were put to the test but I am ecstatic with the result and confident in the worth of my process.
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